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  • Outlook Send Assistant
  • Metadata Assistant
  • Numbering Assistant
  • Forms Assistant
  • Keep in Touch (KIT) Software
  • Redact Assistant
  • Pleading Assistant
  • Custom Solutions

Professional Services

  • Migration Roundtable (for Microsoft Office)
  • Master Series Training
  • Office 365
  • Office 2019 and 2016
  • iManage Rollouts and Training
  • NetDocuments Rollouts and Training
  • Worldox Rollouts and Training
  • Project Management
  • Onsite or Online Training
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Supplemental Support and Overflow
  • eLearning and courseware
  • Change Management
  • Executive Briefings and Presentations
  • Partner retreat technology presentations
  • Bar Association Meetings
  • HotDocs development and training

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  • Clients can access our online support portal 24 hours a day. 
  • In addition to support, clients can access quick reference cards and other materials from this site. 
  • If you need training or additional support, please let us know. We offer online, on demand training options that are available for purchase at a reasonable rate.

Breaking News

Forms Assistant product will not be retired as previously announced. Clients can continue to use the software and receive support.  Licenses are also available for purchase.

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