About PayneGroup


PayneGroup's secret sauce is our people. Our team comes from a wide range of industries such as legal, government, corporate, and military. The Vice President of PayneGroup is a Bronze Star recipient and former Captain in the U.S. Army. Having a diverse and experienced workforce is integral to being able to serve all of our clients.


Software doesn't have to be complicated. Our approach is to build useful software that is effective but also doesn't take long to learn. Our products include Metadata Assistant, Redact and Outlook Send Assistants, Numbering Assistant, Forms Assistant, Pleading Assistant and PayneGroup KIT (Keep in Touch).

Training and Support

An important part of who we are, and who we've always been, is how we share information. When we first started the company, we decided to write a book to reach as many people as possible. That book became a best seller for computer books and we followed it up with 14 additional books. 

We have two signature services, Migration Roundtable and Master Series training. Both are designed to share knowledge with our clients through training or hands-on consulting.

Part of the process is continuing to learn ourselves. That means keeping up to date on emerging technologies and working closely with partners such as Microsoft, iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText, Worldox. Kraft Kennedy, Cornerstone, Traveling Coaches and more. By working together, we provide a better solution for our mutual clients. 

It's a Relationship

It's a fine balance to take on new business while continuing to provide white glove service to existing clients. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we continually strive to improve our relationships. Part of this involves establishing regular communication, providing educational resources, and just being there to answer the phone or respond to an email. Our relationships are vital to the success of our company and we don't take them for granted.

A few key partners

Who we work with

We work with law firms, all levels of government, corporations, pharma, financial, non-profit, and higher education institutions. Here's a quick look at how we work with a few of these entities.

Law Firms

Having started in legal, we understand the unique needs of technology for the legal practice, from Big Law to Small Law and all law in between. Some of our products and services are designed specifically for each market and we can advise on best practices for deployment, training and any other need. Some of our staff worked in law firms and corporate legal departments before joining the company and understand the pressure and unique needs of the legal industry. 


Our products are used by Federal, State, Local and even international government agencies. Several members at our company come from government (NASA, HUD, USPS) and bring this expertise to the table.  


More often than not, our products are first purchased by the corporate legal department of Fortune 500 companies. Once successfully used in legal, the products are rolled out to the rest of the organization. 

Higher Education

Law schools, universities, even some administrators in K-12 use PayneGroup software. The Numbering Assistant is a must have tool for this sector. 

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We are located in beautiful downtown Seattle, Washington. While we have people in other locations, we call this place home. We welcome visitors. If you are in the area, please let us know and we'll arrange a visit.

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