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There are many software companies that create software for the enterprise organization, with PayneGroup being one of them. But after talking with many smaller organizations, who felt left out and under-served, we decided to make creating software for smaller organizations a priority. As a result, this year we developed a new software application called KIT, short for keep in touch.  

KIT provides an easy to use wizard for creating your own customized templates (letter, memo, fax, envelope, label). These templates include branding and formatting and can be set up in 30 minutes or less. The administrator of the templates doesn't need technical expertise. The wizard walks them through the entire process. Once the templates are complete, a built-in solution allows the administrator to quickly create a file to deploy. For the individual user of the software, creating documents with preferred settings and branding will be seamless. It also includes the ability to import names, addresses, and more information from your Outlook Contact folder.

PayneGroup KIT is affordable and shows immediate return on investment. It is built specifically for the smaller organization, not adapted after the fact, as is the case with many software packages. 

Components include:

  • Correspondence templates (letter memo, fax, envelopes and shipping label)
  • Contract wizard 
  • Reusable content
  • Outlook Contacts integration for creation of documents
  • Document ID

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