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The Master Series: Microsoft Office training class is our signature training class. In it we offer three days of in-depth, high end training on the most recent versions of Microsoft Office. The Master Series is loosely based on a class that Donna Payne helped to create at Microsoft many years back. Says Donna Payne, "At PayneGroup, we've designed a class specifically for information technology specialists such as help desk and trainers who need to know not just the functionality  of the software but also how to resolve issues and fix problem documents".  Over the years, Master Series has expanded to cover the full Office suite of products. 

This class is the absolute fastest way to get up-to-speed on new versions of Microsoft Office. Learn in 3 days what it would take months to learn on your own. The class focuses primarily on Word 2016 or Word in Office 365 (two days), with the last day covering Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.  Supplemental additions include Microsoft Teams,  Forms and other solution apps.


The Office 2016 Master Series class is a 3-day intensive class that was designed for the trainer, applications support technician, and power user.  We offer different versions of the class for law firms and corporate counsel, government and corporate.


The return on investment for this class is evident immediately. It's the fastest way to transfer knowledge to your internal staff and to ready them to train, support or mentor new versions of Office. 

The cost is $6000 plus travel expenses. 

Often Imitated but never duplicated

Find out how Master Series can accelerate your Office 365, 2019 and 2016 readiness.

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