Productivity Software

Word Paragraph Numbering

Numbering Assistant which simplifies Word paragraph numbering

Some documents have complex, and even multiple paragraph numbering schemes and tables of contents in the same document. This easy to learn and use software tool simplifies the process of even the most difficult paragraph numbering in Word. 

KIT (Keep in Touch)

This software puts you in control of your templates and common files used to 'keep in touch.' Who needs all the bells and whistles - you can create your organizational correspondence templates in under 30 minutes.

DocID Assistant

The DocID inserts the document number in various locations of a document (typically the footer). It integrates with popular document management systems and includes tools to add other information as well.

Forms Assistant

Forms Assistant is a highly customized template and macro package. The product is available in 32 and 64-bit versions. This product will retire second quarter of 2019.


Product support from PayneGroup

Our support portal is available 24 hours a day. This is also the location to submit support tickets, access release notes, read our FAQs, and other product documentation.

Just in Time Training Services

Just in time training services from PayneGroup

Get training or learn more about paragraph numbering, templates, e-mail best practices, or even Microsoft Office and Windows.