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Training, Consulting and Support

No one likes to sit in a classroom when work is piling up on their desk. So asking people to take an hour or more and sit through a software training class is often met with resistance and groans.   

PayneGroup understands that in order for a class to be successful, attendees need to be engaged - right from the beginning. They need to be informed with the right amount of information since overload leads to lack of retention.  Topics covered need to focus on what they need to know to perform their job duties. Finally, the class must move at an appropriate pace, while being entertaining. 

When you work with PayneGroup trainers, we approach every class with these things in mind. We've trained around the world, and offer experience and staffing that compliment your training plan.  

We provide training and support for large and small migration projects. We also provide online learning and just in time support. Onsite training, support or consulting is billed at a daily rate. Online work is priced in 30 minute blocks.

Support During a Roll out

We are there when you need us the most

Rolling out a new version of software can increase the burden on your internal training and support teams.  We work in tandem with you to assist in whatever way will be most beneficial to you. Whether answering calls, roving the halls assisting, or in other support capacities, let our experienced trainers and support team help in your next rollout.

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