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PayneGroup provides proven training, support, courseware, change management and a host of professional services designed to ensure that your project is a success. 

The help desk training (Master Series) is one of the most important aspects of preparation for a technology project because the help desk is the nerve center of the operation. This is our signature service and we’ve taught thousands of law firms, corporate legal, government, and even Microsoft with this program. There is nothing else like it. 

Migration Roundtable is designed for your network and systems engineers, as well stakeholders. 

And finally, we provide white glove training and support to attorney and staff. This can include onsite or remote assistance, courseware in different formats, posters, publicity and ideas for branding and selling your project internally. We’ve written 14 books on Microsoft Office and we are considered the experts in our field.



The Office 2016/2019 Master Series and Migration Roundtable are invaluable tools in assisting with an Office migration. Start with the in-depth Master Series class to bring your IT department up to speed on what’s new in Office, troubleshooting tips, training tips, and shortcuts to make the transition much simpler. During the two-day Migration Roundtable, we go over settings and devise the best Office configuration for your environment. In a couple of weeks, we deliver to you any configuration files necessary from registry keys to configuration .xml files in addition to a comprehensive report and spreadsheet that tracks all of your decisions. 


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